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The SBSGS Library is open at 6:15 PM before in-person Branch meetings begin at 7:00 PM, and during the refreshment break. Materials can also be requested by completing a request form as outlined below.

The SBSGS has a library of books, magazines, and maps. The books include histories of towns, families, groups, time periods, churches and cemeteries. These can provide background or context to family history research, or hints to follow as you look for your family’s ancestors. We also have several “how to” books to assist those getting started in genealogical research.

An assortment of historical and (relatively) current maps from North America (especially Saskatchewan) and Europe can be helpful in understanding the location of settlements and other features.

Local or town histories can be especially helpful in providing background information about our ancestors and where they lived. Currently the SBSGS Library has over 100 Saskatchewan town histories, 15 from Alberta, 2 from Manitoba and 9 from Ontario. A list of our town histories can be found here. The Saskatoon Public Library, Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society also have copies of Saskatchewan town histories.

A complete list of Library Materials (as of Sep 2021) can be found here (NOTE: the list is currently being updated).

Hints for searching within the Library list can be found here


Borrowing policies and procedures

All library materials, except certain Reference items, may be borrowed by current SBSGS members. Items may be borrowed for one month, with a potential for one renewal. The number of items a member may borrow at once is at the discretion of the Library Coordinator. Non-members who are guests at a Branch meeting may review items on-site, but cannot borrow items.

If members wish to borrow something from the Library at times when it is not open, they may complete a “Request to Borrow” form and submit it to the Library Coordinator. She will arrange for the item to be ready for pick-up from the SAS Office.  Click here to access the request form.

Library hours

The Library opens at 6:15 PM prior to each in-person Branch meeting, and remains open during the break. 

Library Coordinator: Linda Suveges

Email contact: - SBSGS Librarian

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