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Who Are We?

The Saskatoon Branch of the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society (SBSGS) is a volunteer organization whose purpose is to promote and develop the study, research and preservation of genealogy and family history.

The first organizational meeting of SBSGS was held on Jan 23, 1971 and thanks to the support and dedication of almost 700 past and current members we are still going strong after more than 50 years!

Click here- 50th Anniversary recognition from SGS


Membership in our Branch requires concurrent membership in our parent organization, the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society (SGS). For 2024, SGS membership (Jan – Dec) is $70. SBSGS membership is $30 (must be an SGS member first).

Special deal: This year, if a current SGS member partners with a new or returning member (defined as a past member who has not been a member for 3 years), each person will only pay $42 for an SGS membership. Adding a $30 Saskatoon Branch membership brings the total to just $72 for a whole year of benefits from two organizations!

If you are interested in partnering, SBSGS might be able to help connect a current and potential member for the benefit of both!  Just let us know if you are interested by sending an email to info@genealogysaskatoon.ca. We will then set up a match based on order of request and let the current and potential member know the partner’s name to put on the membership form. No promises we can make this work for everyone, but why not give it a try?

Benefits of membership in SBSGS include: 10 monthly Branch Meetings; Special Interest Chat Groups; monthly newsletter, News and Notes; Library access, including borrowing references to use at home; and numerous chances to interact with fellow genealogists. Our meetings are now available via multiple modalities: in person, online, and via Zoom. Distance from Saskatoon, and weather, now have little impact on our ability to share our love of genealogy with each other!

Information about the benefits of membership in SGS and access to the membership application/renewal form can be found at 






Branch Events

 Branch Meetings

The theme for our 2023-24 programs is “Back to the Basics!”  Speakers will cover topics that will be relevant to both new and seasoned genealogists, to help us get started, or refresh information and skills to succeed.  

November 16 Program 
Records and Other Sources of Information for Researching Family Military History

Jane Richardson’s family has a rich military history and she has spoken on some of her research at past SBSGS meetings. This presentation will acknowledge the veterans in Jane’s family, plus provide a broad look at records and other sources of information she has used in researching family military history. Jane will describe sources you may find close at hand, plus archival and/or online records of value for researching WWII, WWI and earlier conflicts.
Bring your questions!

A Zoom link will be sent to members a few days before the meeting. If you are not a member of the Saskatoon Branch of SGS, you are still welcome to attend a monthly program. The fee for nonmembers is $10. Please contact us at info@genealogysaskatoon.ca at least 24 hours before the program for further information.  


The last Branch meeting for 2023 will be held December 14, with Brenda Montieth discussing organization of genealogy materials, including using timelines. 


2023 Special Interest Chat Groups (Members Only)

Meetings begin at 7:00 PM.  A Zoom link will be sent to members a few days before each meeting.

Nov 23: Genetic Genealogy/DNA
Nov 30: British Isles
Dec 4:   Canada/USA
Dec 7:   Europe
Dec 11: Genetic Genealogy/DNA




Are you currently a Saskatchewan Genealogical Society (SGS)/Saskatoon Branch SGS member? Are you interested in becoming a member?  Membership information and access to the application form can be found at https://saskgenealogy.com/membership-fees/. 

In case you haven't heard, SGS has a Growth Incentive Membership for 2024. This year, if a current SGS member partners with a new or returning member (a past member who hasn’t been a member for 3 years), each person will get 40% off the SGS annual membership fee!  If you are interested in partnering, SBSGS might be able to help connect a current and potential member for the benefit of both! Just let us know if you are interested by sending an email to info@genealogysaskatoon.ca.  Don't forget to add a membership in the Saskatoon Branch when completing the application so you have access to our programs, chat groups, library and other benefits.


Bear Tracks Ice Melter SALE!

Why not get ready for winter NOW!  We will have pails of BEAR TRACKS Ice Melter available at the SBSGS Branch Meeting on November 16. Buy one for yourself or for a friend (Christmas is coming too!). It’s a good deal at $20 for a 16 kg pail. More information can be found here, including who to contact to purchase some at any other time.

 True earth

We are partnering with Tru Earth for a fundraiser for the Branch. If you purchase Tru Earth products through our link (https://tru-earth.sjv.io/SGSSaskatoonbranch) we receive a percentage of the sales. The link is valid for use by anyone in Canada or the United States so feel free to share it.

Tru Earth is a Canadian company that focuses on creating eco-friendly household goods. Right now, they are holding a Holiday Sale (https://www.tru.earth/Holiday-Sale-2023) with offers such as Holiday Bundles (great gifts!) or Buy One, Get One, Give One (TruEarth donates products to those in need).  Watch for weekly specials as well!



Tru Earth has recently partnered with Eco-Collective, a company which offers eco-friendly everyday products like reusable produce bags and containers, beeswax food wraps, and dryer balls. They promise plastic free products, plastic free shipping and 100% reusable products. Any orders sent through our link (http://ecoc.sjv.io/genealogysaskatoon) will provide a donation to SBSGS.


Genealogy Charts

If you find it useful to keep track of ancestors on paper, we have 7-generation (pedigree format) and 10-generation (fan format) charts for sale. They are 24x36 inches, and are $10.00 each. Just ask Peggy or Jane at a Branch meeting, or contact Peggy at peggymausch@sasktel.net to purchase one.


For information about other educational programs or conferences, please see the "Events Calendar" tab. 





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