We have an active and creative Boad of Directors.  Assisting them are many more members behind the scenes working hard to make our branch successful. If you would like to help us out, please let us know. You can contact any of our Executive.


The 2019 SBSGS Board is as follows, along with their email contact:

President: Sheldon Trabish- Sheldon.Trabish

Vice-President: Cindy Paradis- Cindy.Paradis

Past-President: René Stock- René.Stock

Secretary Treasurer: Peggy Mausch- Peggy.Mausch

Membership: Cindy Paradis- Cindy.Paradis

Programs:  Linda SuvegesLinda.Suveges

Newsletter:  Bonnie Lymer- Bonnie.Lymer

Fundraising: René Stock- René.Stock

Library:  Linda Suveges- Linda.Suveges

Public Relations: Tammy Vallee- Tammy.Vallee

Education: Tammy Vallee- Tammy.Vallee

Cemetery Co-ordinator: Jane Richardson- Jane.Richardson

Members-at-Large: Bonnie McGillivray- Bonnie.McGillivray

                                      James Wood- James.Wood

Webmaster: Charles Matt- Charles.Matt

 Executive 2017 18 Ver 3


Photo Credit: Tammy Vallee 


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Please send us your ideas for speakers, drafts of articles you have written for our newsletter, comments on our website, questions for our Executive, or any other thoughts you may have that would help us improve our Branch.

We can be contacted either by "snail-mail" at:

BAY 1, 1730 Quebec Ave. 
Saskatoon SK   S7K 1V9

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